Father’s Day- A celebration of the all-rounder in our lives

Whether it’s Nepal or the USA, the emotions associated with one’s father remain unchanged. Father’s day is about celebrating the immense contribution of  buwa or dad or papa in our lives. The celebrations are even more distinguished in Nepal, with its culturally rich communities and extensive rituals. 

Kushe Aunsi, or Buwa ko Mukh Herne din (literal translation: the occasion to view your father’s face), are the names used to mark the occasion of father’s day in Nepal and have various legends linked with it corresponding to its origins. Gokarna Aunsi, yet another synonym of the festivity, means worshipping the cow-eared embodiment of Lord Shiva on new moon night during the Bhadra month (August-September). According to the legend, the gods were looking for Lord Shiva, wandering in a deer disguise. When the gods recognized him, they held him by the “horns” which later split up into three parts. Lord Brahma buried those fragments where the present Gokarneshwor Temple stands. 

How does Father’s day relate to the Gokarneshwor temple? People with their fathers by their side are extremely fortunate and observe the joyous day with them. Nonetheless, father’s day is still equally important to those who have lost their fathers. People from across Nepal come to visit the temple on this day and perform rituals known as ‘Shradha’ in the name of their fathers, wherein they make offerings like mixed grains to the priests and take a holy bath in the river. Popular belief is that souls are present to accept the offerings of their children through the priests. 

Another custom followed on this day is related to the Holy plant used in rituals, ‘Kush’ that is assumed to bring good fortune to a home. It is considered a blessing from Lord Vishnu and is even more sacred when cut by a priest. 


Fathers are revered all the more so in Nepal due to such great value attached to traditions, and belief in legends that regard parents, and fathers as venerating figures. 

On this day, there is an attempt to make fathers and father figures feel loved and appreciated. Children make the day by visiting and spending time with their father, getting them gifts, and preparing delicacies for them. It can be anything as long as it is memorable. 

A father is considered the ‘hero’ of a person’s life right from childhood. Being fun partners, they are also the ones who teach us invaluable life lessons. There are countless things we learn from our father only to realize it much later. It is a great feeling to do something special to make your buwa smile. So, why the delay? For a lifetime of hard work, of being a great dad, give him something special. Quickly check out for some great gift choices like clothing, art, and craft, accessories to choose from. If you are in the US and your father is in Nepal, foomantra has arranged a selection of gifts that you can buy here and our team in Nepal will deliver it to Nepal.

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