Kheer Khane Din: A Day Dedicated To Rice Pudding

Nepal has a diversified richness of culture and authentic traditions among the people. This Nepali culture gives birth to many festivals and celebrations all over the land. People enjoy the Vijay Dasshmi festival, and they even observe some special days like Mother’s day.

Nepali calendar has many festivals that are celebrated annually and marked in it. There are countless Nepali Cultural and Best Wedding Dress In Nepal traditional programs, such as Janku or Kheer Khane Din. Nepalese celebrate them with tremendous joy and mark the significance of these days.

Kheer Khane Din is also a Rice pudding Day in Nepal. This delightful festival falls on the 15th day of Shrawan month, and people eat rice pudding or kheer on this day. Kheer is the most cherished Nepali cuisine worldwide and the core dish in the party menus or the ceremonies.

Rice pudding is a pure and authentic dish of Nepal as the rice is cooked in milk completely. People love to have it in the pleasant weather of August and serve hot kheer to everyone. It is part of every celebration, from weddings to funerals.

This delicious Kheer is the exquisite dessert of Nepal and a side dish with crunchy Puri or Sel. Do you know the recipe for this amazing Nepali cuisine? Sure, you want to know how to make it, as it is hard to resist the mouth-watering rice pudding in Nepal.

Kheer in-making

The whole recipe is very simple and original. You need only a few ingredients: rice, milk, sugar, and dry fruits or nuts (almonds, cashew, pistachio, raisins, coconut) of your choice and cardamom for garnishing the Kheer.

It is prepared in a pot by firstly adding milk to it. Then boil the milk on medium heat of the gas. Until it cooks, pick out the rice grain in a bowl and wash it well a few times. You will notice that milk is getting thicker and starting to condense.

Add the rice grains to the milk and stir well on medium gas. You can opt to cook rice and milk separately and then mix them later. Try to maintain an easy stir of rice through the cooking as it should not stick in the bottom of the pot or get burned.

Slowly rice will be absorbed in milk. After you get the right consistency of rice and milk, add sugar according to your taste and mix well for a minute. If you want a plain delicious Kheer, then serve it directly.

But if you’re someone who loves chewing on dry fruits in Kheer, add chopped dry fruits while garnishing, which will enhance its taste. Turn the gas off after stirring it well. This rice pudding has the utmost importance in Nepali food and cultural festivals.

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