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Authentic Nepali with flag
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Nepal is a land of enchanted and full of great mythology. Inspired by her rich cultures and with the help of many hard-working people, we created Foomantra to bring the magical experience at your doorsteps. We want to live by the true meaning of “Foomantra” which translates to making it happen miraculously.  

Foomantra USA Inc. believes Nepali products have a great potential to compete with other products. Our platform provides the opportunities for the products made in Nepal to reach your homes.  

We have started an exciting journey to make Foomantra a friendly ecommerce platform for Nepali goods. Our success is the success of local producers and all of you who believe helping the communities bring sustainability to the economies of developing nations like Nepal. We are confident you will join our journey, so we are opening our hearts to yours through foomantra.com