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Home is more than foundation, walls and windows, it is a place where we find our comfort, love and things that remind us of our roots. The memories and family background are the roots of humans as the foundation for a house. Many Nepali people have migrated to the USA who have deep connections with the cultures or traditions of Nepal. Such traditions and cultures can be enriched by decorations and ambience brought by items like wall hanging decoratives, statues, traditional wooden crafts, Thangkas etc. This is why is glad to help our customers find and construct those memories on our “Home & Living” section of the website.

Staying in the USA and missing the essence of being at home must be a hard experience. No matter how far we stay, our heart craves the feeling of home. Foomantra has aimed at making you feel at home no matter how far you stay. We are intended to bring the most valued home decor products from Nepal to the USA. Our home and living decors will help you bring you closer to home.

You can find many exclusive handmade products from Nepal with care and pride. We curate these products individually to ensure quality, positive effect to local communities, and most importantly value to customers like you. You can now decorate your home with products such as Stupas, Wooden Endless Knot Wall decor, Miniature Temples, Table Mane, buddha mask door knocker, brass kachaura, and many more to help you create an ambiance and good vibes to make your house home.. is an Online store designated to provide you with authentic Nepali products. Every product in Foomantra is of high quality which makes your purchase a total worth of money invested in it. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.
We work diligently to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with the products you purchase and other services. Every product in our store is carefully examined for a quality check. We make sure our products live up to the standard and the expectations of our customers.

Your purchases on contribute to the economy of Nepal. Shop with us and help in flourishing Nepal’s economy. No step is small and each of us can partake in the progress. Bring Nepal closer here to you and directly contribute to Nepal’s economy. Happy shopping!