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Astamangal Mana


Astamangal Mandap – Celebrate Bhai Tika and Tihar


Bhagwati Hand Painted Picture – Celeberate Dashain


Bhimsen Hand Painted Posters – Arts of Nepal


Black Kubair


Box Filigree With Turquoise And Coral Cabs (Sindur box)


Buddha Chitta Bracelet – 11 big bodhi seeds for meditation


Buddha Mask Door Knocker – Handicraft of Nepal


Buddha Resin Statue – Zazen Posture for Peace


Buddha Statue in Dhyana Mudra 2.5 Inches


Buddha Wall Mask – Handmade Crafts of Nepal


Chiba Dyo – Traditional Buddha Resin Stupa of Nepal


Chiba Dyo (Mini Stupa) – Traditional Buddha Stupa of Nepal


Chindo (Wabuk) – Medium Gourd Bottle


Dhaka Bookmark – Unique Crafts of Nepal


Dhaka Khukuri – Souvenir – National Symbol of Nepal


Ganesh 4″ Tall – Copper Statue Handmade in Nepal


Ganesh Brass Statue (2.5 inch)


Ganesh Door Knocker


Ganesh Door Pull Handle


Ganesh Statue (Resin) – Arts of Nepal


Ganesh Wall Mask


Ganesh Wall Mask – Handicrafts of Nepal


Ganesh Wall Resin Mask


Gorkhali Khukuri 10.5″ – Pride National Symbol of Nepal


Green Tara – 6″ Resin Statue – Buddhist culture in Nepal


Hand hammered Singing Bowl


Hand Painted Bookmarks

Hand Prayers Wheel (Mane) – Astamangal


Hand Prayers Wheel (Mane) – Buddha


Handmade Nepali Doll – Bridal (Dulha & Dulhai)


Handmade Nepali Doll – Newari Culture


Handmade Nepali Doll – Shrepa Culture


Handmade Nepali Doll – Tamang Culture


Hanuman Resin


Hawa Ghanti – Traditional Wind Chimes – Nepali Culture


Hawa Ghanti (Wind Bell) with Leaf in Brass – Crafts of Nepal


Hawa Ghanti with Leaf (Wind Bell Big)


Incense Holder


Karuwa (Traditional water vessel) Cultures of Nepal


Key Chain : Khukuri – Proud Symbol of Nepal


Key Chain : Lucky Tortoise


Key Chain : Phurpa


Khadkulo Astamangal 7″ (copper)


Khadullu (Hanging Panas) – Iconic Crafts of Nepal


Khukuri 8″ – National Symbol of Nepal


Khukuri Badge – Pride Symbol of Nepal


Khukuri Velvet : Souvenir 6.5″


Khukuri with Coins Decoration: Souvenir 9″


Khurpeto – Traditional Nepali Cultural Tool


Laxmi Copper Statue 6″ – Goddess of Wealth


Laxmi Hand Painted Picture – Celebrate Tihar Traditionally


Laxmi Narayan Couple with Shesh Naag – Copper Statue


Lion Door Knocker


Lucky Turtle (Metal Carving & Wooden Limbs) Crafts of Nepal


Manasa Devi Pull Handle


Metal Carved Wooden Bhairab Mask


Minature Chindo (Wabuk) कुभिन्डो


Murchunga with cover (Traditional Jew Harp)


Naag Panchami Hand Painted Picture – Krishna


Nepal Cultural Jigsaw Puzzle – Set of 4 Artworks


Parwa Ganesh – Mythology and Traditions of Nepal


Pechuri Big – Traditional culture of Rai of Nepal


Pooja Ghanti – Brass Bell – Rituals of Nepal


Rudrakshya Bracelet Brown Color


Rudrakshya Bracelet Chocolate Color


Sahasra Bhuj Lokeshwor Statue- Exquisite Traditional Nepali Art


Saraswoti – The goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge


Saraswoti Hand Painted Picture – Naagpanchami


Silam Sakma – Mythical Symbol of Kirati – Medium


Silam Sakma – Mythical Symbol of Kirati -Small


Silam Sakma – Mythical Symbol of Kirati – Big


Singing Bowl (Fully Hand hammered and Crafted)


Swayambhu Khadullu (Hanging Panas) – Nepali Iconic Crafts


Table or Wall Prayers Wheel (Mane)


Thangka – Guru Rinpoche 40/30


Thangka – Kaalchakra Mandala 50cm Square


Thangka – Mantra Mandala Buddha Eyes with Astamangala 50/50


Thangka – OM Mandala


Thangka – Wheel Of Life 50cm x 40cm


Tingshya (Mujura) – Meditation & Musical Instrument of Nepal


Traditional Bell on Wooden Frame (Small)


Traditional Bell on Wooden Frame Wall Décor (Big)


Traditional Door Pull Brass Handle


Traditional Tap (Dhunge Dhara/Hiti) Handicraft of Nepal


Traditional Wooden Frame A4 Size Crafts of Nepal


Velvet Khukuri ( Silver Plated)


Wall Mane – Buddhist Handcrafted Prayer Wheel from Nepal


Wall Tudal – Wooden Carvings of Nepal


Wood Endless Knot Wall Décor (Squared) – Crafts of Nepal


Wood Infinity Knot Wall Décor (Rounded)


Wooden Himalayan Yak – चौँरी – Domestic Animal of Nepal


Wooden Incense Burner – Dhupauro


Wooden Jewelry Box


Wooden Mane (Prayer Wheel) Key Chain


Wooden Namaste Board – Crafts of Nepal


Wooden Om symbol with Ganesh


Wooden One Horned Rhino – Natural Pride of Nepal


Wooden Pashupati Mandir


Wooden Swayambhunath Stupa


Wooden Table Khadulu – Traditional crafts of Nepal


Wooden Wall Khadulu – Traditional Art of Nepal


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Handicrafts or handmade crafts are unique artisan skills that adds special value to final products. The energy and efforts of artist makes each product unique and interesting. Nepali handicrafts are known around the world for its painstaking craftmanship. Handicraft has been embedded in Nepali lifestyle and culture than collectible practice.

In Nepal, the production of handicrafts is traditional that has been passed down through for centuries from one generation to other. Nepali handicrafts symbolize and provides our identity around the world. Nepali craftsmen earn their livelihood through these unique skills passed down by their ancestors which has helped preserving the heritage, cultural values, aspects, and tradition.

No matter how far we stay from our home, our culture and ethnicity never depart from us. As immigrants from Nepal, we all wish to have to have part of this heritage in our home as well. However, it is not easy to purchase the Nepali handicraft in USA. Now, you do not need to worry much. We,, an online store based in the USA, delivers the best and original Nepali handicraft to your home.

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