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Buy Nepali handicraft in USA

Handicrafts or handmade crafts are unique artisan skills that adds special value to final products. The energy and efforts of artist makes each product unique and interesting. Nepali handicrafts are known around the world for its painstaking craftmanship. Handicraft has been embedded in Nepali lifestyle and culture than collectible practice.

In Nepal, the production of handicrafts is traditional that has been passed down through for centuries from one generation to other. Nepali handicrafts symbolize and provides our identity around the world. Nepali craftsmen earn their livelihood through these unique skills passed down by their ancestors which has helped preserving the heritage, cultural values, aspects, and tradition.

No matter how far we stay from our home, our culture and ethnicity never depart from us. As immigrants from Nepal, we all wish to have to have part of this heritage in our home as well. However, it is not easy to purchase the Nepali handicraft in USA. Now, you do not need to worry much. We,, an online store based in the USA, delivers the best and original Nepali handicraft to your home.

You can find varieties of original Nepali product like singing bowl, Nepali handmade topi, Thangka paintings, Nepalese wooden handicrafts, and many more of best quality. We provide rare, unique, and authentic Nepali Handicraft in the USA. We assure you of the quality and competitive price delivered right to your doorstep.

Foomantra understands the importance of Nepali culture and ethnicity to all Nepalese no matter how far we stay. Shop with us and help us support the local handicraft manufactures and sustain Nepal’s economy. Shopping with us will not only bring Nepal closer to you at your doorstep but will also contribute to develop Nepal’s economy. Share happiness and bring Nepal closer to you!