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5.5″ Damaru


Aarti Naag


Aarti Suryamukhi


Babiya ko Dori for good luck and energy


Bhai Tika Jajanka (5/pack)


Book Stand – Pooja Special


Budha Jhanda (Buddhist Flag)


Butte Ghalcha (Sano Gagro)


Butte Khadkulo


Copper Chule Mana


Copper Mana


Copper Pooja Thali with Astamangal


Copper Saptapala Puja Thali


Copper Taaf


Copper Trishul (Trident)


Engraved Pooja Karuwa (Small)


Ganesh Sukunda – Traditional Handmade Oil Lamp


Jajanka – Cotton Thread for Pooja Ritual of Nepal


Kacho Dhago (काचो धागो) – Puja Essentials


Kamandal (Copper)




Kartik Ganesh Panas – Exquisitely crafted standing oil lamp


Khutte Copper Diyo (Small)


Khutte Diyo (Brass)


Kush Aasan


Lakh Batti (लाख बत्ती) 125 Thousand Lights (Sawa Lakh)


Lungta (Prayers Flag)


Mandap (Astamangal) for Traditional Poojas


Meditative Sandalwood Prayer Beads


Mha Puja Jajanka (10/pack)


Nepali Bateko Dhoop- Hand Coiled Incense with Jaributi


Pahelo Dhago – Yellow Cotton Thread for Puja


Pancha Aarati (Auspicious oil lamp)


Pancha Rangi Dhago (पंचरंगी धागो) – 1 Roll


Plate Kaans


Pooja Ghanti


Pooja Karuwa (Small)


Pooja Kokha (Tool mala)


Prayer Flag ( Om Mane)


Prayer Flag (Ludandar)


Puja Lota (Copper) – Handmade Copper Vessels


Rudraksha Mala


Rudraksha Mala Small


Shree Swosthani Bratakatha


Small Copper Diyo – Traditional Oil Lights for Pooja


Sukunda – Traditional Oil Lamp of Nepal


Traditional Mini Panas Diyo – Iconic Crafts of Nepal


Wooden Incense Burner – Dhupauro


Buy puja essentials and pooja samagri in USA

There are specific items without which religious or spiritual rituals are not complete in Nepali culture. Dedicated rituals generally require essentials ingredients such as betel nuts, bel fruit, turmeric powder, sindoor, ganga jal, and many other items. There are also items such as ghanti (bell), diyo (lamps), puja thali, sukunda etc.
Pooja or puja is a well-defined protocol to complete a specific auspicious occasion that has been passed down generations. Many of these practices have been followed for centuries in Nepal. We, Nepali (Nepalese), are brought up with the culture of performing puja rituals and have integrated these rituals as way of life. No matter how far we stay from our home, our culture stays with us forever.
Being a true Nepali, finding a puja thali and pooja samargi in the USA could be challenging. Thus came to life to #bringingNepalCloser to our Nepali communities. You can find authentic puja (pooja) samagris and thali through our Foomantra Online store. We aim in providing every essential Nepali pooja samagri and thali in the USA. We at Foomantra provide you with a collection of pooja samagris which includes garlands, incense sticks, cotton wicks, flowers for offerings.
Foomantra with its proven track of offering quality and authentic Nepalese products in the USA fetches the best and rare ritual paraphernalia for different puja.
Every type of puja samagri, Havan samagri, Puja utensils, pooja thali, and many more Puja essentials with the best quality and authenticity are available in our online store.
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