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72 lume Chhadke Pote with tilahari (Green) – Teej Special


72 lume Chhadke Pote with Tilahari (Green) – Teej Special


Asarfi Ring (Coin Ring)


Bangle dense flower design (1 pair) – Celebrate Tihar

Bangle simple design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bangle with fan design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bangle with flower & leaf design (1 pair) – Dashain/Tihar Ayoo

Bangle with leaves design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bangle with single flower design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bhadgaule Topi – National Costumes of Nepal

Bhadgaule Topi ( 19″ kids) – National Costume of Nepal


Bhangra – traditional Nepali costume of Gurungs


Bhangra (kid) – traditional Nepali costume of Gurungs


Biru Mala – Traditional Sherpa Beads (Medium)


Biru Mala – Traditional Sherpa Beads (Small)


Buddha Chitta Bracelet – 11 big bodhi seeds for meditation


Bulaki (झुम्के बुलाकी) – Traditional Nose Ring


Chandrama – Traditional Nepali Costume Hair Pin


Chandrama hair pin – Celebrate Dashain with Costume Jewelry


Cheptesun – Traditional Costume Ornaments (Medium)


Cheptesun – Traditional Costume Ornaments (Small)


Daura Suruwal – Nepali National Dress (Grey)

Daura Suruwal – Nepali National Dress (Beige)

Daura Suruwal for Kids- Nepali National Dress (Grey)

Daura Suruwal Kids – National Clothing of Nepal


Dhaka Brown Plus


Dhaka Diamond


Dhaka Green Plus


Dhaka Green, Blue and Grey


Dhaka grey, black and white


Dhaka Hexagonal – Red, Orange, Brown


Dhaka orange, black, green and blue


Dhaka Pattern Handbag – Nepali traditional designs

Dhaka Print Khada – Nepali Traditional Scarf


Dhaka Topi

Dhaka Topi – National dress and pride of Nepal

Dhaka Topi – National dress of Nepal

Dhaka Topi Damaru

Dhungri – Jumbo Earrings


Ghalek (घलेक) Tamang and Gurung Cultural Shawl


Gold Plated Taaya on Muga beads (mala)


Haari Maala – Traditonal Necklace of 70 (25 Paisa) coins


Haari Maala 50 coins Necklace of Kirati Culture


Haari Maala 70 coins (BS 2011) – Traditional Coin Necklace


Haku Patasi (Black Newari Sari) – Traditional Wears of Nepal


Hemp Backpack – Standard – 100% Natural


Hemp Backpack – Standard – 100% Natural


Hemp Backpack – Standard – 100% Natural


Hemp Backpack – Standard – 100% Natural


Hemp Rucksack 100% Natural & Handmade in Nepal


Jantar Muga Mala (जन्तर मुगा माला)


Jantar Potey Mala (जन्तर पोते माला)


Jewelry: Blue Annex Pendant

Jewelry: Carving Om Earring

Jewelry: Coral Dull Pendant

Jewelry: Hand Finger Bracelet


Jewelry: Mandala Buddha Eyes Pendant


Jewelry: Mandala Endless Knot Pendant


Jewelry: Mandala Om Pendant


Jewelry: Moonstone Leaf Pendant

Light Oats

Jewelry: Three Strap Earring

Jewelry: Anklet (Baby) Kalli


Jewelry: Butte Makasi Earrings


Jewelry: Dorje Earring (3 colors available)


Jewelry: Drop filigree Earrings


Jewelry: Feather Earrings


Jewelry: Kala Earrings (Small)


Jewelry: Lemon Topaz Pendant


Jewelry: Lemon Topaz Square Pendant


Jewelry: Lotus Filigree Earrings


Jewelry: Moon Eclipse Filigree Earrings


Jewelry: Prayer Wheel Earrings


Jewelry: Question Mark Earrings


Jewelry: Star Filigree With Turquoise stone Earrings


Jewelry: Tree of life Earrings


Jyapu Sikha – Newari chain


Khukuri Badge – Pride Symbol of Nepal


Lagan Pote 24 Lume – Compliment of Tilahari – Teej




Marwari Design Classic earrings of Nepal


Naak ko Dhungri – Cultural Nose Jewelry of Nepal


Newari Dress for boys – Rich cultures of Nepal


Newari Dress Girls (Kids) – Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Nyapu Shikha – Traditional Newari Jewelry (Gold Plated)


Om Mani Padme Hum Pin Button (Traditional Nepali Symbols)


Pechuri Big – Traditional culture of Rai of Nepal


Purbeli Kantha – Jewelry of Kirati – Bold and Beautiful


Raani Haar Flower Shape


Rani Haar Moon Shape – Costume Jewelry of Nepal


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with heart shaped ends in red


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with oval shaped ends in red & green


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo heart shaped end in red & green


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with oval shaped ends in red


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with white cotton ball ends


Shoes: Black Border

Shoes: Black Golden Open

Shoes: Butterfly Design

Shoes: Check Red

Shoes: Dhaka Chatti Traditional Handmade Shoes


Shoes: Green Bridal

Shoes: Hemp Blue Dye Open – Made with Natural Fibers

Shoes: Mary Slip-ons (Handmade with Plant Fibers)

Shoes: Natural Hemp Fiber Closed Shoes

Shoes: Rainbow Hemp Dye (Natural Plant Fibers)

Shoes: Red Open

Shoes: Rose Print

Shoes: Shilpa Close

Shoes: Uhad Close (Aoulo – Natural Wild Grass of Nepal)

Silver Plated Taaya Muga Mala – Cultural Jewelry of Nepal


Simple Cholo – a traditional Nepali women blouse


Sirbandi – Head Ornament (पुर्बेली सिरबन्दी)


Sirbandi – Head Ornament (सिरबन्दी) of Magar Community


Sirful – Costume Jewelry


Swayambhunath Pin – (Iconic Symbols of Nepal)


T-Shirt: Be your own light


T-Shirt: Bhaitika


T-Shirt: Buddha

Dark Grey

T-Shirt: Changa

Royal Blue

T-Shirt: Changa Champ

Sky Blue

T-Shirt: Dark Side of MoMo

Navy Blue
Dark Grey

T-Shirt: Dashain 8


T-Shirt: Lakhey

Oat Melange

T-Shirt: Let’s Build Nepal


T-Shirt: Mustang


T-Shirt: Nepal Barcode

Oat Melange

T-Shirt: Tihar

Sky Blue

Tamang Cultural Clothing (Set Kids – Grey)

Tamang Fuli (Medium) – Traditional Costume Jewelry of Nepal


Tamang Fuli (Small) – Traditional Jewelry of Nepal


Tamang Lehenga Kid Set Pink-Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Tamang Lehenga Kid Set Red-Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Tamang Shirt Grey (Size L)


Tamang Shirt Maroon

Three Layered 100% Cotton Facemask


Tik Mala – Nepali cultural costume jewelry


TShirt: Naag Pass (Endless Knot)


Yarling (यार्लिंग)- cultural earrings of Nepal


Nepali Clothing, Shoes & Accessories in the USA

Multiple diverse cultures have made Nepali costumes and traditional clothing unique and vibrant with many colors and styles. The cultural clothes from different communities showcase the rich tradition of Nepal. Accessorizing is a big part of Nepali culture since ancient days. It doesn’t matter where you live, Nepali accessories play an important role to complete your looks. Nepali ornaments don’t just add up to your looks but give you a whole outstanding look. You don’t have to worry about whether our traditional accessories go with your dress or keep up with the current trends in fashion. All we have to do is adopt our traditional accessories, T-shirt, Men’s wear, Topi, Shoes, Jewelry and Nepali Bag to go with our products! And you will stand out from the crowd. Foomantra understands the importance of Nepali accessories to every Nepalis who are living away from their homeland, and we have brought all the authentic Nepali accessories, clothes, and shoes a step closer to you, in the USA. Every product on Foomantra is handmade and made with a unique style representing the legacy of Nepal. You can find authentic Nepali handmade clothes, shoes, and related products in the USA on Foomantra. We have traditional to new-fashioned accessories and each product in our store brings Nepal closer to you. We have specialized Nepali adornments, clothing, and shoes, made with a touch of originality.
Our online store specializes in clothing; offering the latest trends and authentic traditional fashion dress, shoes & every product, and sizes for the best prices available. We pride ourselves on the quality of our clothing, shoes & accessories, and customer service to ensure our customers feel confident in their purchases.
You can find original clothing equipment and shoes on Foomantra. We provide a wide range of clothing paraphernalia and shoes handmade in Nepal. is here to provide authentic Nepali products in the USA easily and conveniently. While shopping on Foomantra, remain assured that your purchases contribute to the economy of Nepal. Shop with us and help in flourishing Nepal’s economy. No step is small and each of us can partake in the progress. Happy shopping!