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72 lume Chhadke Pote with tilahari (Green) – Teej Special


Asarfi Ring (Coin Ring)


Bangle dense flower design (1 pair) – Celebrate Tihar

Bangle simple design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bangle with fan design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Bangle with flower & leaf design (1 pair) – Dashain/Tihar Ayoo

Bangle with single flower design (1 pair) – Celebrate Nepali Festivals

Biru Mala – Traditional Sherpa Beads (Medium)


Biru Mala – Traditional Sherpa Beads (Small)


Bulaki (झुम्के बुलाकी) – Traditional Nose Ring


Chandrama – Traditional Nepali Costume Hair Pin


Cheptesun – Traditional Costume Ornaments (Medium)


Cheptesun – Traditional Costume Ornaments (Small)


Dhungri – Jumbo Earrings


Gold Plated Taaya on Muga beads (mala)


Haari Maala – Traditonal Necklace of 70 (25 Paisa) coins


Haari Maala 50 coins Necklace of Kirati Culture


Haari Maala 70 coins (BS 2011) – Traditional Coin Necklace


Haku Patasi (Black Newari Sari) – Traditional Wears of Nepal


Jantar Muga Mala (जन्तर मुगा माला)


Jantar Potey Mala (जन्तर पोते माला)


Jewelry: Blue Annex Pendant

Jewelry: Carving Om Earring

Jewelry: Coral Dull Pendant

Jewelry: Hand Finger Bracelet


Jewelry: Mandala Buddha Eyes Pendant


Jewelry: Mandala Endless Knot Pendant


Jewelry: Mandala Om Pendant


Jewelry: Moonstone Leaf Pendant

Light Oats

Jewelry: Three Strap Earring

Jewelry: Anklet (Baby) Kalli


Jewelry: Butte Makasi Earrings


Jewelry: Dorje Earring (3 colors available)


Jewelry: Drop filigree Earrings


Jewelry: Feather Earrings


Jewelry: Kala Earrings (Small)


Jewelry: Lemon Topaz Pendant


Jewelry: Lemon Topaz Square Pendant


Jewelry: Lotus Filigree Earrings


Jewelry: Prayer Wheel Earrings


Jewelry: Question Mark Earrings


Jewelry: Star Filigree With Turquoise stone Earrings


Jewelry: Tree of life Earrings


Jyapu Sikha – Newari chain


Lagan Pote 24 Lume – Compliment of Tilahari – Teej




Marwari Design Classic earrings of Nepal


Naak ko Dhungri – Cultural Nose Jewelry of Nepal


Newari Dress Girls (Kids) – Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Nyapu Shikha – Traditional Newari Jewelry (Gold Plated)


Pechuri Big – Traditional culture of Rai of Nepal


Purbeli Kantha – Jewelry of Kirati – Bold and Beautiful


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with oval shaped ends in red & green


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo heart shaped end in red & green


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with oval shaped ends in red


Sachika – Cotton Hairdo with white cotton ball ends


Silver Plated Taaya Muga Mala – Cultural Jewelry of Nepal


Simple Cholo – a traditional Nepali women blouse


Sirbandi – Head Ornament (पुर्बेली सिरबन्दी)


Sirbandi – Head Ornament (सिरबन्दी) of Magar Community


Sirful – Costume Jewelry


Tamang Fuli (Medium) – Traditional Costume Jewelry of Nepal


Tamang Fuli (Small) – Traditional Jewelry of Nepal


Tamang Lehenga Kid Set Pink-Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Tamang Lehenga Kid Set Red-Traditional Costumes of Nepal


Tik Mala – Nepali cultural costume jewelry


Yarling (यार्लिंग)- cultural earrings of Nepal