The tradition of jewelry making in Nepal

Women in every country are huge fans of wearing traditional jewelry. It represents the culture they have lived in their lifetime. Nothing can adore a woman better than the classic ornaments handmade in the country. Nepali jewelry is famous and appreciated by women all over the world.

It reflects the cultural history and customs of Nepal. People create specialized art & craft products and beautiful jewelry. Many religions have been a part of Nepal since the 5th century, which gave rise to the significance of Nepali traditional jewelry. Nepalese have different styles of ornaments in each ethnic group. 

The process of making jewelry is original and authentic in Nepal. Women indulge themselves in creating beautiful jewelry pieces as a part of their lifestyle. They also relate it to the spirituality of life and keeping away negative vibes. The ornaments are of various metals and priced accordingly with that.  

Prices can vary based on various metals used as material. Each ethnic jewelry has a unique meaning sometimes a specific mantra. They follow a strict way of making the jewelry piece. Modern society has used these unique designs in creative way that brings out a powerful message to the viewers. Every piece has its own significance different for every individual. Nepalese believe that the stones and metals used in ornaments are for the protection of the wearer. They believe it helps proper flow of energy while wearing them based on their astronomical signs or other energy factors.

The tradition of jewelry making in Nepal

The most common stones in pieces are coral and turquoise. These stones have certain properties and powers which safeguard individuals from mishaps. Nepali traditional jewelry includes various bracelets and necklaces which have symbols or Sanskrit words engraved on them. For Example, you can see the symbol of ‘Om’ on a bracelet.

These Nepali jewelries are known to have healing properties to maintain harmony within the universe. People who handmade this attractive jewelry are ‘Sunars’ and dedicate their lives to it. They add ‘Sunar’ in their last name as they make jewelry every day with new and innovative designs. 

You can find a considerable number of traditional Jewelry shops everywhere in Nepal and around major tourist spots in Kathmandu (the Capital city of Nepal). Nepalese are also coming up with new modern designs with a traditional touch in their jewelry pieces. Since Nepal has active tourism, jewelry makers are keeping reasonable prices for their products.

If you are visiting Nepal anytime soon, then do not forget to buy its exceptional traditional jewelry. It is like taking a memory of Nepal to your home. And if your plans are not executing too well because of covid-19, go to online stores and buy all your favorite Nepali products. There is an online store which you can try, A complete shop for all Nepali products, from clothing, jewelry to beautiful art pieces at your doorstep.  

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