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3.8″ Damaru – Unique Musical Instruments from Nepal


5.5″ Damaru


Finger Shaker


Flute 19.5″ inch Bansuri


Miniature Musical Instrument Harmonium


Musical Instrument – 10 ” Madal – Handmade wooden drum


Musical Instrument – 16″ Madal Drum


Musical Instrument – Binayo


Musical Instrument – Sarangi (Big)


Musical Instrument – Small 9″ Decorative Sarangi


Musical Instrument Dhimay – Traditional Newari Culture


Musical Instrument Murchunga with cover (Traditional Harp)


Musical Instrument Tungna टुङ्ना of Himalayan Nepal


Traditional Hand Damroo


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Nepal is a country with rich culture and traditions. The diverse cast and influence of many cultures have helped the country to create its own unique music and musical instrument. Nepal is one of few countries not occupied by other nations or cultures which has helped the country to preserve its ancestral cultures and music. Since ancient days, our ancestors are passing valuable musical gift to the next generations, and music is a crucial part of our Nepali culture.
Music is an artistic expression of human beings and traditional music or folk lores tells stories, unlike any other forms. Without music, the world would be silent. We can’t imagine our world without the essence of music. Nepali traditions combine Nepali music as part of their festivals or religious rituals. Each season or festivities incorporates unique tunes and musical instruments. Sarangi, madal, ghanti, sitar and many others are important Nepali heritage and they add souls to our culture.
Nepali communities in the USA have a special place for Nepali songs and tunes. They bring back the memories and bring emotions of Nepal and Nepali “paan”. Listening to Nepali songs or tunes during special occasions takes us back to our homes and the pious music of our childhood days. We all understand the importance of authentic Nepali musical instruments to all Nepalese who are away from their homeland. Bringing home the traditional musical instruments from Nepal will help to bring cultural authenticity as well. is striving to bring Nepal closer to you at your doorsteps in the USA. We are at your service in providing the best quality Nepali musical instruments which shall bring Nepali culture to your home.
You can find Madal, Damaru, Finger Shaker, Sarangi, Damaru which are custom handmade in Nepal. We assure quality to our customers for the product on our platform. We deliver authentic Nepali musical instruments which are unique in design and hand made with care and love.
We at Foomantra understand the needs of our customers and your satisfaction is our goal. We ship all products to your doorsteps from our Texas warehouse and we inspect them individually before we ship them. Choose your favourite musical instruments and bring the musical soul to your home here.
Shop with us and help in Nepal’s economy. Shopping with us will not only bring Nepal closer to you at your doorstep but will also contribute to Nepal’s economy. Shop happily and Contribute proudly.